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Jeweler Loses Diamond Given as Christmas Gift

by Madonna

RANCHO CORDOVA — A California man, Steven Sarron, was left devastated after the jeweler he entrusted to resize his wife’s diamond ring for Christmas ended up losing the precious stone.

Sarron had originally purchased the ring from the jeweler and had brought it back to have it resized. Unfortunately, during the resizing process, the jeweler lost the diamond. Sarron faced considerable difficulties trying to get the jeweler to take responsibility for the loss.


Seeking a resolution, Sarron turned to Chuck, a volunteer who assists with consumer issues. Chuck reached out to the jeweler and engaged in negotiations. Eventually, the jeweler agreed to offer a full refund to Sarron, who was no longer concerned about the ring and only wanted the initial payment he had made.


It’s not uncommon for diamonds to be lost during resizing, as the process may involve the application of heat, which can cause stones to become loose and fall out. To prevent such mishaps, it’s advisable to inquire about a jeweler’s policy and procedures when leaving valuable jewelry for resizing or other services.


Sarron’s case serves as a reminder for consumers to be aware of the risks associated with jewelry alterations and to ensure they understand the jeweler’s policies in such situations.


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