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Mark Kroeker’s Path to Lasting Satisfaction in Fine Jewelry

by Madonna

Mark Kroeker, a creative mind with a penchant for taking fashion risks, found his way to the world of fine jewelry through an intriguing journey. While Madonna’s 1985 film, “Desperately Seeking Susan,” was one influence that prompted him to move to New York, his true inspiration and guidance came from the talented jewelry designer Isabel Encinias, who played an essential role in his fashion label, Mark Kroeker/Lost Collective.

Kroeker’s foray into jewelry didn’t happen overnight. Despite a successful career in fashion, he began to feel that the beautiful products he created had a limited lifespan, tethered to the ebb and flow of fashion trends. It was in jewelry that he discovered the potential for creating timeless pieces that could endure beyond mere fads.


“I was still creating beautiful product [as a fashion designer], but it was product that had a shelf life,” Kroeker reflects.


His journey led him to co-found Tejen, a jewelry brand, in 2015. This venture represents the culmination of his friendships, partnerships, and experiences. His jewelry collections, along with upcoming projects focusing on limited editions of conceptual objets d’art, now fuel his creativity and provide balance in his life.


Kroeker’s approach to jewelry creation is simple, yet profound. He explains, “I’m not sure I have a jewelry philosophy—it’s more of a filter. This might sound weird and kind of obvious, but the most important thing is that I must love it. I’m not going to ever put anything out there that I’m not proud of.”

Kroeker’s early life was marked by frequent moves, as his parents shifted between Istanbul, Turkey, and Tehran, Iran. It was during these early years that he developed a fascination with jewelry, influenced by the unique pieces his father acquired from antique dealers and local markets. His mother’s eclectic style, adorned with a mix of Western and Middle Eastern jewelry, left a lasting impression on him.

“I grew up seeing these pieces on her—a very groovy mix of Western and Middle Eastern fashion and jewelry,” he recalls.

Despite a transient childhood, Kroeker’s artistic sensibilities blossomed, and he went on to graduate from Parsons School of Design in New York, a pivotal choice in his journey. He ventured into fashion design, eventually starting his own label, Mark Kroeker/Lost Collective. The path wasn’t without challenges, but he learned invaluable lessons about running a business, resilience, and turning vision into reality.

After a hiatus and various positions in the fashion industry, Kroeker realized his true calling lay in the realm of jewelry. Reflecting on his journey, he shares, “Jewelry has always been around me. I just never thought of it as something I would do on my own.”

Kroeker’s latest endeavor, Tejen, aims to expand and venture into new luxury categories. His creative vision extends to conceptual art pieces, and he is exploring avenues such as Object 1 and Sculpture of Gold With Leather Bag.

With a career that has seen him navigate multiple creative spheres, Mark Kroeker has found his ultimate satisfaction in crafting enduring pieces of jewelry and art that are driven by a simple principle: a deep, genuine love for the work.


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