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Idaho Falls’ The Stone Pony Empowers You to Craft Your Own Custom Jewelry

by Madonna

IDAHO FALLS – Selecting the perfect piece of jewelry that complements your style and personality can be a challenging task. However, a local enterprise is dedicated to simplifying the process by offering you the opportunity to create your own custom jewelry, precisely tailored to your preferences. The Stone Pony’s Custom Ring Barn lets you handpick gemstones and educates you in the art of silversmithing, resulting in truly unique jewelry for every customer.

Hannah Goulding, co-owner of The Stone Pony, explains, “Think of it as you are going to come in and leave with a one-of-a-kind piece that is going to last forever. You are going to pick your gem, your setting, and the details. We are going to teach you how to solder it.”


The Gem State natives, Hannah and her sister Katie Tomazin, opened their second location in downtown Idaho Falls in October, following the success of their initial establishment in Blackfoot. Their unique offering has attracted customers not just from Blackfoot but also from surrounding regions, including Rexburg, Twin Falls, and Bear Lake.


The experience at The Stone Pony is entirely hands-on. They offer a three-hour silversmithing workshop that empowers individuals to create various pieces, including rings, bracelets, earrings, tie-tacks, hat pins, keychains, and more. Participants not only learn to solder but also to size and shape their creations, utilizing tools such as hammers and torches.


One of the initial challenges in the workshop is selecting the gemstone, given the extensive variety, including six kinds of variscite from different mines and approximately 20 types of turquoise, in addition to jasper, opal, and a rainbow of other gemstones. The shop prides itself on handpicking each gemstone, some of which are imported while others come from Idaho and neighboring states.

For those who prefer jewelry without gemstones, The Stone Pony offers options for crafting sterling silver pieces. The cost of participation involves a project fee of $50, along with the price of the selected gemstone, typically ranging from $20 to $45, although some gemstones may be pricier depending on their size and rarity. Additional details or upgrades can cost around $10, depending on the selection. On average, crafting a ring during the workshop can amount to roughly $75 to $100.

Customers often return for more, as the experience proves to be somewhat addictive. Hannah and Katie report that they have regulars who return to try their hand at creating additional pieces of jewelry. Interacting with new people and being part of the teaching experience is one of the joys for the sisters, who find the process just as rewarding as the finished jewelry.

The Stone Pony welcomes everyone, and while their primary customer base is women, men are encouraged to participate as well. Couples, in particular, have a great time creating complementary pieces. In Blackfoot, the business can accommodate groups ranging from one to 12 people, while the Idaho Falls location can accommodate groups of one to 24.

Whether you’re seeking a memorable girls’ night out, team bonding experience, or simply a unique alternative to dinner and a movie, The Stone Pony offers an opportunity to explore your creativity and craft one-of-a-kind jewelry that resonates with your personal style.


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