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Architectural and Textural Influences Inspire Gold Jewelry

by Madonna

Designers in the world of jewelry are increasingly drawing inspiration from a wide array of sources, including architecture, textiles, and decorative trims. These influences manifest in tactile details that provide depth and dimension to jewelry pieces, whether they rely solely on the textures in yellow or rose gold or are enhanced by the inclusion of diamonds or gemstones.

Let’s explore how various independent designers have translated this trend into their creations:


1. Lizzie Mandler presents the Fluted Crescent Cuff in 18K yellow gold, which showcases a captivating three-dimensional effect.


2. The Aurora Dream in Technicolor Ring features an 18K heart-shaped spinel and pink sapphire emerald cut ring with a step-cut setting, adding vibrancy and texture to the piece.


3. Walters Faith introduces the Clive bangles in 18K rose gold and diamond melee, featuring a ladder-inspired texture that provides a unique visual and tactile element.

4. Howl’s Jove is an 18K hand-carved ring with a cushion-cut center stone and moon-cut surrounding diamonds. The design draws inspiration from ancient columns, adding a sense of timeless elegance.

5. Lauren Rubinski’s bold 14K gold link bracelet combines twisted ropes and knot-textured links, creating a dynamic and textured piece.

6. Single Stone’s 18K gold Valentina heart pendant evokes the folds of fabric and features an old-cut pear-shaped diamond at its center, combining the elegance of textiles with the brilliance of diamonds.

7. Lizzie Mandler returns with the XL Fluted Chain Link Earrings in 18K gold, offering the ultimate tactile experience with their textured yellow gold design.

8. Harwell Godfrey presents the Hex Ring in 18K yellow gold with a pink morganite gemstone. This design combines the brand’s signature hexagon shape with concentric circles, resulting in a three-dimensional setting that seamlessly blends boldness with versatility, suitable for everyday wear.

These jewelry pieces serve as a testament to the boundless creativity and ingenuity of designers who find inspiration in the world around them, transforming architectural and textural influences into stunning and unique gold jewelry creations.


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