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Ancient Jewelry Valued at $64 Million Seized in Spain, Linked to Illegal Ukrainian Heist

by Madonna

Spanish authorities have recovered a trove of ancient jewelry and precious artifacts valued at $64 million, which were illegally removed from Ukraine in 2016. The collection comprises 11 remarkable pieces dating back to the Greco-Scythian period, spanning from the 8th to the 4th centuries BC, featuring intricately designed necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

These invaluable treasures were illicitly transported out of Ukraine following a brief exhibition at a museum in Kyiv, according to a statement released by the Madrid National Police on Monday. The culprits behind the illegal operation, involving the smuggling and attempted sale of these artifacts, include three Spaniards and two Ukrainians. Notably, one of the apprehended individuals is an Orthodox priest.


The authorities emphasized that these artifacts represent a significant portion of Ukraine’s national heritage. The pursuit of the thieves began in 2021 when one of the pieces, an ornate belt adorned with rams’ heads, was seized during a private sale in Madrid.


In recent weeks, the police succeeded in recovering the remaining pieces, all estimated to be worth 60 million euros ($64 million), as the culprits attempted to sell them within the Spanish capital. Notably, the artifacts came with forged ownership documents, falsely asserting that they belonged to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


The recovered artifacts are currently in the possession of Spain’s National Archaeological Museum and Cultural Heritage Institute. This significant discovery represents a crucial step in the preservation and repatriation of Ukraine’s cultural heritage, which had been unlawfully taken from the country in 2016.


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