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Current Jewelry Trend: The Evolving Appeal of the Diamond Tennis Necklace

by Madonna

New York—In the realm of fine jewelry, every aficionado, be they a minimalist or an enthusiast of layered extravagance, likely possesses or aspires to own the perfect diamond tennis necklace.

A timeless favorite, the simple diamond rivière, a French term meaning “river,” has graced necks since the 1700s, as detailed by Lang Antiques’ Antique Jewelry University. Comprising stones of equal or slightly graduated sizes, this style is frequently associated with tennis necklaces due to its resemblance to the iconic tennis bracelet, or often referred to as a diamond line necklace.


While never truly out of fashion, the diamond rivière has experienced a resurgence in recent years. In contrast to its historical role as a jewelry piece kept in a safe and brought out for special occasions, today’s tennis necklace has adopted a more casual and versatile persona, making it suitable for everyday wear.


In an era where individuals purchase fine jewelry for personal enjoyment and view them as daily accessories, tennis necklaces featuring smaller diamonds have gained popularity. They have become a practical daytime choice, offering a departure from massive diamond statement pieces and are easy to layer with other necklaces.


This makes the diamond tennis necklace a staple in one’s jewelry wardrobe, as dependable as a cherished pair of jeans. Remarkably, it pairs as seamlessly with a diamond line necklace as it does with a formal gown or suit.

From a design perspective, traditional tennis necklaces may not necessarily offer distinctive individuality. Nevertheless, jewelry designers have infused their own creative spin into this enduring style.

While not strictly adhering to classic tennis necklaces, brands have capitalized on the style’s popularity by creating their own gold and diamond chains, typically measuring between 15 and 18 inches, thereby incorporating their signature aesthetic. These unique designs offer the same layering potential as a classic rivière but come with a heightened visual interest.

Ara Vartanian’s utilitarian gold and diamond links, occasionally interspersed with inverted black diamonds, provide a unisex alternative to the conventional diamond line necklace. Meanwhile, Jacquie Aiche’s dangling diamonds lend an air of movement and romance to the design.

Some brands have reimagined the concept by incorporating distinctive elements. Sydney Evan’s latest tennis necklace iteration, for instance, integrates the beloved evil eye motif into the chain links. Lauren Rubinski, on the other hand, focuses on bold gold with select pavé diamond links for a dynamic contrast.

Jade Trau, a designer with a legacy rooted in diamond trading, has consistently favored diamonds over colored gemstones. Her collection of everyday-appropriate diamond and gold necklaces underscores the delicate interplay between the precious stone and the metal. The “Pia Necklace” is a brand favorite, praised for its harmonious balance between the chain and diamonds. It offers enough of the sparkling gemstone to convey the allure of a diamond necklace, while the classic chain provides a substantial, weighted gold presence. It possesses standalone charm while also layering seamlessly with other necklaces.

Vice Versa Jewelry’s “Kin Necklace,” a brainchild of Sophie Thoerner and Hannah Traulsen, has garnered attention for its innovative approach. Dangling diamonds are interspersed within a simple ball chain, addressing a common issue experienced with traditional tennis necklaces—diamonds frequently flip, obscuring their beauty. This unique design ensures that the diamonds lay perfectly on the neck, creating a captivating sense of movement, as if they are suspended in air. It embodies a hint of sensuality and exudes a distinctive coolness, reinterpreting the classic style with a contemporary twist.

A well-executed alternative to the traditional tennis necklace often reflects a designer’s distinctive visual identity. Azlee’s geometric elegance shines in their “Scattered Gold Bar and Diamond Tennis Necklace,” while Boochier’s playful ethos takes center stage in its gold and diamond necklace featuring the “Slinkee” motif.

The gallery showcases 17 designers’ interpretations of this versatile and contemporary gold and diamond necklace, emphasizing its enduring allure as a beloved accessory for modern lifestyles.


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