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Shreeji Family Jewellers: Crafting Timeless Connections and Exquisite Jewelry Since 1999

by Madonna

In the world of exquisite jewelry, Shreeji Family Jewellers has been a name synonymous with trust and quality since its inception in 1999. This illustrious journey began when the eminent jeweler, Shreeji Jewellers, first opened its doors in West Ahmedabad. From the outset, their singular focus has been to provide discerning clientele with an exceptional service experience and a remarkable collection of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. Crafted with love, dedication, and honesty, Shreeji Family Jewellers swiftly carved its niche in Ahmedabad’s jewelry market, emerging as a leading and trusted name.

At the helm of this resounding success stands Harshad Soni, a master craftsman renowned for his dedication and unwavering work ethic. His vision, rooted in craftsmanship and fueled by an unrelenting commitment to excellence, has become the cornerstone of the brand’s identity. As the business expanded, Mayur Soni, his brother, joined the establishment, bringing a professional approach that further propelled the brand’s accomplishments.


“For us, customer satisfaction is not just an objective. It’s the inception of a relationship,” emphasizes Harshad Soni, encapsulating the ethos that Shreeji Family Jewellers upholds. Their approach transcends conventional transactions; they view their customers as an extension of their own family, hence the name, Shreeji Family Jewellers. The brand remains profoundly thankful to its patrons for the unwavering trust they continue to place in its craftsmanship.


Shreeji Family Jewellers extends beyond the realm of jewelry retail; they are architects of lasting connections. They believe in curating an experience that resonates with the heart. Recently, the brand has inaugurated three studios, including a dedicated bridal studio, meticulously designed to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience to their cherished customers. Shopping at Shreeji Family Jewellers is designed to evoke the feeling of being at home, a sentiment firmly ingrained in their service philosophy.


In the horizon, Shreeji Family Jewellers envisions a remarkable expansion plan, with ambitions that extend to more than 10 branches and a team exceeding 1000 members. Their showrooms, strategically located in Chandlodiya and Bopal, are thoughtfully crafted to offer an opulent experience to patrons. With an unwavering focus on timeless designs and opulent interiors, Shreeji Family Jewellers is poised to deliver jewelry that transcends generations, bringing joy to every wearer.

About Shreeji Family Jewellers

Established in 1999, Shreeji Family Jewellers is a revered name in the world of exquisite jewelry. Rooted in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the brand is steadfast in its commitment to crafting timeless pieces that resonate with the heart and endure a lifetime. With a vision deeply entrenched in craftsmanship and an unwavering work ethic, Shreeji Family Jewellers has redefined the jewelry experience, embracing customers as an integral part of their extended family.


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