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L’ÉCOLE Expands Globally with New Campus in Shanghai

by Madonna

L’ÉCOLE, the esteemed School of Jewelry Arts, has expanded its international footprint with the inauguration of its third permanent campus in the vibrant city of Shanghai, located at the Twin Villas on Huaihai Road M.

This new location opens its doors to jewelry enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive selection of 10 courses designed to immerse students in the captivating realm of gemology while providing hands-on experience in the intricate artistry of jewelry craftsmanship. Under the guidance of a distinguished faculty comprising art historians, gemologists, skilled jewelers, and craftsmen, these courses and lectures are categorized into three key domains: savoir-faire, the world of precious stones, and the historical evolution of jewelry.


L’ÉCOLE China serves as a remarkable platform for students to nurture their passion for jewelry creation within an interactive and supportive learning environment. The institution’s commitment to delivering excellence and expertise continues to enrich the realm of jewelry arts.


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