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Gold and Smoke’s Empowerment Jewelry: A Transformative Message Gains Momentum

by Madonna

Kelly Selcer and Manos Phoundoulakis, the dynamic duo behind Gold and Smoke, are making waves in the jewelry industry with their powerful message of transformation and empowerment. Fresh from their successful debut at Denver’s Hardrock Summit in September, this husband-and-wife team is leaving an indelible mark on retailers and consumers alike. Their mission? To challenge conventions by embracing gender fluidity and unconventional materials in the world of jewelry.

Gold and Smoke, based in Colorado, embarked on their journey three years ago, and their recent trade show debut was nothing short of exhilarating. Kelly Selcer expressed her excitement, noting that the industry’s positive response was a testament to the brand’s burgeoning presence.


The hallmark of Gold and Smoke’s jewelry lies in their use of flattened bullets, the very same bullets they’ve fired at shooting ranges, to craft exquisite pieces in gold and sterling silver. The brand’s tagline, “You are bulletproof,” pays homage to the materials while celebrating the strength and resilience of the wearers.


Kelly Selcer was initially struck by the potential of flattened bullets as a medium for jewelry. The couple embarked on a journey of experimentation, meticulously documenting their process in spreadsheets. Manos Phoundoulakis, a colored gemstone expert, relished the challenge of finding the perfect bullet to transform into jewelry.


Explaining the unique transformation process, Phoundoulakis said, “Normally, when a bullet hits a hard target, it explodes into a billion little bits. It takes the right moment—the right energy—the right metallurgy, for this to happen. We went at it scientifically to find out how and why.”

Gold and Smoke was born in 2020, but the couple decided to delay marketing efforts during the pandemic. Instead, they engaged in a mask-making project that raised over $10,000 and distributed around 4,500 masks. They also used this time to refine their design plans and messaging. The result is a jewelry brand firmly grounded in empowerment.

While acknowledging that some may hesitate due to the use of bullets in their designs, Selcer and Phoundoulakis stress that, for Gold and Smoke, the bullet symbolizes transformation and empowerment. Selcer notes, “People can see the story behind it and connect to the message. All of us have been through hard times and come through to the other side. It represents that journey.”

Gold and Smoke offers an array of jewelry pieces, including bracelets, pendants, rings, cufflinks, and pins, all crafted from flattened bullets. Phoundoulakis has also introduced a unique link design used in the brand’s necklaces and bracelets, which has garnered considerable popularity for its blend of simplicity and sophistication.

One striking feature of Gold and Smoke’s jewelry is its genderless design. The brand avoids any prescriptive language on its website and social media, allowing clients to make their own choices based on size and featuring gemstones on some bullets, thanks to Phoundoulakis’ gemstone expertise. This inclusive approach underscores the brand’s commitment to creating jewelry that is accessible to all. As Selcer puts it, “It’s for everybody.”


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