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Event Planner Jung Lee Collaborates with Verstolo to Offer Fine Jewelry Rental Collection

by Madonna

NEW YORK – Jung Lee, the renowned event architect and founder of Fête, known for her extravagant designs at weddings and White House state dinners, is bringing her flair for luxury and sophistication to the world of fine jewelry. Lee, who transitioned from real estate development to event planning and design, launched her registry service, Slowdance, in 2018. Now, she’s partnering with fine jewelry rental specialist Verstolo to create a captivating capsule earring collection.

In a recent interview with WWD, Lee explained that she began recommending Verstolo to clients seeking high-impact jewelry pieces without the commitment of purchasing. She emphasized her commitment to minimizing waste and maximizing the significance of every moment.


Born in South Korea and raised in New York City, Lee’s journey into the realms of design, architecture, and construction began while managing gourmet food shops.


The Jung Lee x Verstolo Fine Jewelry earrings offer versatility, designed for day-to-night customization with interchangeable gemstone charms. These charms feature precious gems and stones, including aquamarines, garnets, and South Sea pearls, complemented by marquise diamonds. The collection, named Ocean, Autumn, and Pearl, allows brides to modify their diamond cluster with different charms throughout their wedding weekend, making them suitable for various wedding looks.


These additional gems and stones can be attached to Verstolo’s popular Kate, Grace, and Lucy cluster earrings. Lee explained that the demand for weekend-long wedding celebrations among brides inspired this multiwear earring option, providing brides with a cost-effective solution for all wedding events.

Ocean, with a pear-shaped aquamarine, and Autumn, with a pear-shaped garnet, are available for individual purchase at $5,000 per pair or for rent at $150. Pearl, featuring South Sea pearls with marquise diamonds, can be rented for $200. These charms can be added to Verstolo’s Grace, Lucy, and Kate clusters, which are available for weekend rentals priced between $550 and $575. The combined retail value of each pairing, including the drops and cluster combo, exceeds $25,000.

In addition to her upscale home and decor concept store located on 25 West 29th Street, Jung Lee boasts over 15 years of experience in the wedding-planning industry. Her registry service, Slowdance, aims to make the registry experience dynamic and flexible, allowing clients to combine more affordable pieces with high-end investment items.

Verstolo, initially a small New York City business serving local clients, adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing virtual styling consultations for both rentals and custom diamond jewelry. Lauren Grunstein, vice president of Verstolo, expressed excitement about introducing day-to-night designs through their rental program. Looking ahead, Verstolo aims to establish itself as the premier diamond rental company for brides while continuing to create classic and innovative fine jewelry pieces.


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