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MB&F Unveils HM9 Sapphire Vision at WatchTime New York 2023

by Madonna

In the realm of haute horlogerie, MB&F has carved a unique niche as both an innovator and provocateur. Renowned for its creative collections, including Legacy and Horological Machines, the brand consistently captivates enthusiasts and the wider market with its groundbreaking mechanical innovations. This reputation holds true for the brand’s latest creation, the HM9 Sapphire Vision, an evolution of earlier designs now presented in a novel 2023 edition. The HM9 Sapphire Vision, alongside an array of captivating timepieces from over thirty watchmakers, will take center stage at this year’s WatchTime New York 2023, with tickets available for enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable horological experience.

Building upon the original 2018 design, the MB&F HM9 Sapphire Vision challenges conventional watch design with its striking case and intricate inner workings. Housed within an outer shell meticulously crafted from sapphire crystal and white gold, this timepiece exemplifies the boundaries of watchmaking innovation. The case’s curved and multi-part construction is sealed using a proprietary combination of patented three-dimensional gaskets and advanced compound bonding techniques. These unique dimensions are tailored to the specific properties of sapphire crystal, not only enhancing its visual appeal but also its durability, while paying homage to its inspiration—the world beneath the ocean’s surface.


The dial of the HM9 Sapphire Vision serves as a transparent canvas that unveils the inner workings of its mechanical heart. Designed to be read from the side of the wrist, the sapphire crystal surface features Super-LumiNova markings to ensure legibility in various lighting conditions. This crystal dial also provides a captivating view into the intricate world within the watch, where every component is on full display. The openwork design is a testament to the skill of MB&F’s watchmakers, featuring hand-polished balance bridges, meticulously chamfered edges, and exquisitely decorated surfaces. It is a seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality, where the artistry of mechanical precision takes center stage.


Driving this horological masterpiece is an in-house manual-winding movement developed by MB&F. This exceptional engine boasts not one but two fully independent balance wheels connected by a planetary differential. This innovative approach ensures precision and consistency in timekeeping. To minimize the sensitivity to shocks, helicoidal springs are strategically incorporated between the movement and the case, providing both flexibility and stability. The complex mechanical calculations, orchestrated by the planetary differential, result in a reliable and accurate time display.


The 2023 edition of MB&F’s HM9 Sapphire Vision is available with a price tag of $490,000, with the white gold version being limited to just five exquisite timepieces, making it a true collector’s item for horology enthusiasts.


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