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Monica Vinader and Kate Young Reunite for an Exciting New Collaboration

by Madonna

Celebrated celebrity stylist Kate Young is once again joining forces with sustainable jewelry brand Monica Vinader, following the resounding success of their previous collaboration. This dynamic duo is set to unveil a brand-new, six-piece collection today that promises to captivate jewelry enthusiasts. Building on the triumph of their initial partnership, Young has carefully refined the designs, introducing fresh elements such as tiger’s eye gemstones and innovative silhouettes.

One of the standout features of this collection is its commitment to sustainability. All the pieces in the Monica Vinader x Kate Young Collection are crafted from 100% recycled 18k gold vermeil and sterling silver. What sets them apart are the bespoke-cut gemstones adorning each piece, ensuring that every item is truly unique.


If you have an affinity for bold, sculptural jewelry, then this collection is an absolute must-see. With its striking design elements and environmentally conscious materials, it’s a testament to the fusion of style and sustainability. The second edition of this highly anticipated collaboration is available for purchase now, offering an opportunity to own a piece of jewelry that combines fashion-forward aesthetics with a commitment to a greener future.


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