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Historic Auction: Webb’s Presents a 7.03-Carat Diamond Ring, the Pinnacle of Luxury

by Madonna

A remarkable 7.03-carat pear-shaped natural diamond solitaire ring has taken center stage in the New Zealand jewelry market, captivating the attention of connoisseurs and collectors alike. The dazzling ring is slated to be the highlight of Webb’s upcoming Fine Jewels, Watches & Luxury Accessories live auction, scheduled for 2:30 pm on Sunday, September 24. However, it’s not just its timeless elegance that is causing a stir; this extraordinary diamond is poised to make history.

This spectacular piece is being hailed as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those with a discerning eye for luxury, and it boasts a host of impressive credentials. Notably, it is the largest diamond ever to grace the auction rooms of Webb’s and holds the distinction of being the most valuable jewelry item ever auctioned in New Zealand.


The estimated value of this extraordinary jewel falls within an impressive range of $270,000 to $350,000, a testament to its undeniable allure. However, its retail value eclipses even these figures, standing at an astonishing $500,000.


“This diamond is not just large; it’s the largest diamond ever seen at Webb’s, and its rarity and quality make it a true collector’s dream,” says Christine Power, Head of Fine Jewels, Watches & Luxury Accessories.


Serious inquiries have already poured in, with both domestic and international bidders anticipated to vie for this extraordinary gem.

The dazzling diamond, boasting an E color grade and SI1 (slightly included) clarity, is delicately cradled within a platinum three-claw, double-bezel setting on a tapered shank.

The ring’s provenance adds another layer of intrigue. Acquired in 1999 by the previous owner’s mother in the United Kingdom, it has remained within the family, although their identity remains undisclosed.

Accompanying this exquisite gemstone is a wealth of documentation. Included are gemmologist reports from 1999 and 2023, providing irrefutable evidence of its remarkable heritage, exceptional craftsmanship, and unmatched quality.

What sets this diamond apart is its timeless appeal. With its pear-shaped cut, breathtaking clarity, and elegant setting, it remains impervious to the passage of time and evolving trends. It is a piece that will continue to captivate admirers, transcending eras, decades, and centuries, and bearing testament to the impeccable taste of its future owner.


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