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Scientists Edge Closer to Unraveling the Mystery Behind Pink Diamond Formation

by Madonna

Pink diamonds, among the world’s most elusive gemstones, have long mystified scientists due to their extreme rarity. Remarkably, a single source, the Argyle mine in East Kimberly, Western Australia, has been responsible for nearly 90 percent of the world’s supply of these exquisite colored gemstones. The origins of these rare pink diamonds have remained an enigma, but recent developments suggest that the puzzle may be closer to being solved.

For decades, the Argyle mine has been the primary wellspring of pink diamonds globally, yet the reasons behind their unique formation have remained elusive. A groundbreaking study has now shed light on a plausible explanation, suggesting that these pink diamonds may have taken shape during geological events involving continental stretching and fracturing, a process that propelled these rare gems closer to the Earth’s surface.


The formation of diamonds hinges on several critical factors. Initially, a source of carbon is required, which is subjected to immense heat and pressure. Typically, this transformative process unfolds deep within the Earth’s crust, taking billions of years to yield diamonds of exceptional quality.


What sets pink diamonds apart, however, is the captivating array of pink hues they exhibit. Regrettably, the precise mechanism responsible for imparting these mesmerizing colors remains a subject of ongoing research. While scientists have established that the presence of various chemicals and elements can influence the colors of blue and yellow diamonds, pink diamonds appear to remain chemically pure, similar to their colorless counterparts.


Yet, it appears that the formation of pink diamonds is intrinsically linked to geological processes that occur at depths within the Earth’s mantle only revealed during episodes of continental expansion and rupture. Consequently, identifying a new source of these extraordinary gems akin to the Argyle mine is likely to prove a formidable challenge. Furthermore, since the Argyle mine ceased operations in 2020, the scarcity of pink diamonds in the market is expected to continue driving their prices skyward.

Nevertheless, gaining a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underpinning pink diamond formation represents a significant stride forward. Armed with the knowledge gleaned from their research on diamonds, scientists may uncover further insights into the intricate processes responsible for the creation of these exceedingly rare and sought-after gemstones.


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