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Austria’s Natural Gem to Tokenize €5M Gemstone Collection on eCredits Blockchain

by Madonna

Vienna, Austria — The People’s SCE, a decentralized governance organization (DGO) operating on the eCredits Blockchain, has revealed that The Natural Gem, a prominent player in the gemstone trading market based in Austria, is set to tokenize its €5 million Royal Portfolio comprising emeralds, rubies, and a Kashmir sapphire on the eCredits blockchain. Additionally, the collaboration has given rise to the Habsburg Gemstone Token, created in partnership with Habsburg Fine Arts and fully backed by genuine, untreated, and colored gemstones, which will be accessible via the eCredits Wallet.

HIRH Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, Director of Habsburg Fine Arts, conveyed his excitement, stating, “By merging the world’s oldest tangible asset with one of the most modern investment instruments, we bring the gemstone onto the blockchain and into the 21st century, thus creating portfolio diversification with assured, continuous transparency, and flexibility.”


The Royal Portfolio from The Natural Gem includes necklaces adorned with emeralds (€274,000) and rubies (€815,000), alongside a remarkable Kashmir sapphire (€1 million), complemented by several other precious gemstones. The investment process in this unique offering is straightforward, with individuals able to invest in the Royal Portfolio through the Habsburg Gemstone Token via the blockchain.


The Royal Portfolio’s value is periodically appraised by court experts, and as its worth escalates, the EUR sale price increases, while the Habsburg Gemstone Token (GEM) price remains constant. This dynamic contributes to a consistent uptrend in the intrinsic value of GEM. The token is available for purchase on both the Habsburg Fine Arts trading platform and the eCredits Wallet, presenting investors with multiple avenues for participation.


The advantages of investing in gemstones are multifaceted, underscored by thousands of years of historical evidence. Gemstones possess the qualities of being compact, easily transportable, and inherently valuable. They have long served as reliable assets and their aesthetic allure facilitates the passing down of wealth through generations. Furthermore, gemstones exhibit robust value appreciation driven by heightened demand, diminishing mine yields, and active auction markets.

Bernhard Blaha, CEO of The People’s SCE, concluded, “We are delighted to collaborate with The Natural Gem to extend this lucrative investment opportunity to a wider audience. Through the power of blockchain technology and the eCredits Ecosystem, our aim is to democratize gemstone investments, making this profitable market accessible to investors regardless of their financial means. This endeavor underscores the role of blockchain as an equalizing force for individuals from all walks of life.”

This initiative is made possible through the partnership of eCredits and SimplyTokenized, a software company specializing in tailored tokenization solutions. Simply Tokenized streamlines the token creation process, provides technical support for smart contract implementation on the blockchain, and assists companies in attracting investors.


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