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New diamond industry murder mystery features cursed gem

by Madonna

New York, September 19, 2023 – In a compelling blend of intrigue and luxury, the latest addition to the Diamond District Mystery Series, “Slay It With a Diamond,” delves into the enigmatic world of gemstones and the complex dynamics of wealthy jewelry families. This gripping murder-mystery, authored by renowned diamond and jewelry industry journalist Rob Bates, challenges readers to ponder the allure of gemstones, the concept of cursed objects, and the burdens of inheriting immense wealth and prestige.

With its standalone narrative, “Slay It With a Diamond” is set to hit the shelves on September 12, courtesy of Camel Press. Bates, a seasoned observer of the diamond industry with three decades of experience, presents a narrative that seeks to unravel the psychology underpinning luxury goods.


The novel centers on the mystery surrounding a supposedly cursed diamond, interwoven with a riveting Succession-style family feud within a prominent jewelry dynasty.


Bates explains, “My books delve into various facets of the diamond industry, and this one particularly zooms in on luxury and the psychology behind it. It examines the curious phenomenon where individuals may attribute a curse to a gemstone but seldom do so with other objects. This phenomenon highlights the unique significance people attach to gemstones and the profound meaning they invest in them. It led me to ponder the deep-seated attraction to diamonds and other luxury items and the psychological needs they fulfill.”


In “Slay It With a Diamond,” Max Rosen, a diamond dealer based in New York City, acquires a gemstone rumored to be cursed. When the woman who sold him the stone meets a tragic end, Max’s daughter, Mimi Rosen, a journalist turned amateur sleuth, is thrust into the midst of a bitter family dispute within a prominent jeweler’s clan. This narrative draws inspiration from real-life conflicts among renowned jewelry dynasties.

Bates remarks, “I extensively researched prominent jewelry names and discovered that disputes among heirs were not uncommon. These tales, often filled with sorrow and uniqueness, shared certain underlying themes that provided valuable insights for the storyline.”

Apart from his literary work, Bates, a distinguished expert in the diamond industry, is available to discuss a wide range of topics. These include his latest book, the historical narratives surrounding “cursed” gemstones, the enduring fascination with diamonds among consumers, and the complex blend of emotions and commerce within family-run businesses.

Furthermore, Bates is well-equipped to engage in conversations regarding pressing issues within the diamond industry, such as the rise of lab-grown diamonds (also known as lab-created diamonds), the persistent concerns surrounding blood diamonds (also known as conflict diamonds), shifting perspectives on “luxury” among newer generations, and the repercussions of Russian sanctions on the diamond trade.


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