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Robin Roberts and Amber Laign’s Matching Wedding Rings: A Symbol of Their Unique Love Story

by Madonna

In a heartwarming display of love and commitment, Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts and her longtime partner, Amber Laign, exchanged matching wedding rings during their recent nuptials. The exclusive details of these rings, brimming with symbolism, have been shared by designer Harry Mizrahi of New York-based Louis Martin Jewelers in an interview with PEOPLE.

Crafted from exquisite 18k gold, these rings are a testament to meticulous design, featuring graduated marquise and round-cut diamonds, sapphires, and golden topaz gemstones that create a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Every element of these rings holds deep personal significance, carefully chosen by the couple.


Mizrahi expressed his delight at collaborating with the couple, emphasizing that crafting these rings went beyond mere design; it was about encapsulating their unique love story. He noted that Robin and Amber’s infectious energy, filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt emotions, left an indelible mark on the creation process, making their rings a true representation of their enduring love.


Robin Roberts, at the age of 62, joyously announced her marriage to Amber Laign through an Instagram post on their dog’s account, Lil Man Lukas. The post, accompanied by a charming photo of their dog donning a bow tie, read, “My mommies are MARRIED!!!! Married?……yes….married!!!”


The couple’s commitment to sustainability was evident throughout their celebration. They embraced eco-conscious choices, including plantable save-the-dates and invitations, as well as repurposing flower boxes from the ceremony for the reception decor. In their quest to minimize waste, they opted for an abundance of greenery, creating an organic atmosphere.

Amber Laign’s vision of an enchanted garden came to life with the inclusion of two majestic trees adorned with twinkle lights, a grand moss wall, and a canopy of flowers with gently twinkling lights over the dance floor, evoking the sensation of dancing beneath a garden canopy.

Their first dance as a married couple was to the timeless melody of Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” Robin Roberts later surprised her new wife with a lively flash mob dance, adding a touch of fun and spontaneity to the celebration.

Before the reception festivities, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows in an intimate outdoor ceremony within the serenity of their home garden, presided over by their pastor, Robert Jemersen. This meaningful occasion paid a touching tribute to Robin Roberts’ late mother, Lucimarian Roberts, featuring two grand Spanish moss-covered trees as the backdrop, flanking Robin’s mother’s cherished meditation bench.

Their journey towards marriage followed a challenging 2022, marked by Amber Laign’s courageous battle with breast cancer. Having initially met on a blind date in July 2005, the couple ushered in the new year by revealing their long-anticipated plans to wed. Robin Roberts, during a GMA broadcast on January 2, emotionally declared, “I’m hesitating because I haven’t said it out loud yet… I’m saying ‘yes’ to marriage. We’re getting married this year.” She continued, “It was something we had talked about but we had put it off, she became ill but… it is saying yes to that, and that next chapter.”

In the exchange of matching wedding rings and the creation of a truly unique and sustainable celebration, Robin Roberts and Amber Laign have not only solidified their bond but have also shared their inspiring love story with the world.


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