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The Significance and Symbolism of September’s Captivating Birthstone: The Sapphire

by Madonna

With September’s arrival, the stage is set for the resplendent blue sapphire to take center stage. Revered as one of the coveted “big four” precious gemstones, the sapphire carries an enduring association with prestige and nobility, lending an undeniable aura of regality to those born in this month.

Beneath its shimmering exterior lies a profound significance that goes beyond its visual splendor. The shade of blue that the sapphire bears is synonymous with intuition, wisdom, and intellect, as highlighted by creativity coach and tarot reader Jerico Mandybur, the author of “Rainbow Power: Manifest Your Dream Life Through the Creative Magic of Color,” who emphasized the parallel between blue sapphires and these qualities in the realm of healing crystals.


Crystal experts are here to unveil the rich symbolism and significance embedded within the September birthstone, shedding light on its distinctive resonance for Virgo and Libra individuals.


The Magnificent Blue Sapphire: Properties and Origins

  • Color: Blue
  • Element: Wood
  • Planet: Moon or Saturn
  • Chakra: Third-eye chakra
  • Origin: Varied

While sapphire manifests in an array of colors, the royal-blue variety stands as the hallmark of September. Integrative medicine and crystal expert Elizabeth Trattner, AP, DOM, elaborates that sapphires are crystalline variations of the mineral corundum, renowned for their diverse hues. Notably, the regal blue sapphire, which results from the chemical interplay of iron and titanium, reigns as the most cherished due to its captivating color saturation, brilliance, and durability.


The quest for exceptional blue sapphires guides seekers to locales such as India, Burma, Sri Lanka, and the Yogo Gulch in Montana, shares Dr. Trattner.

The Profound Meaning and Symbolism of Sapphire

The September birthstone, epitomizing inner strength, sagacity, and truth, resonates as a beacon of insight and wisdom. Spiritual muse and mentor Sadie Kadlec, the founder of Mineral Muse and author of “Crystals: Channel the Energy of Crystals for Spiritual Transformation,” imparts that the sapphire possesses a prophetic quality. “It exudes a reflective energy that offers glimpses into the future of one’s feelings and experiences,” she explains. Furthermore, the sapphire empowers individuals to harness this energetic potency to foster personal growth.

Aligned with introspection, sapphire harmonizes particularly with Virgo individuals. “The energy of sapphire resonates with Virgo’s thoughtful and meticulous nature,” notes Kadlec. A moment of contemplation paves the way for Virgos to align with their inner selves, aiding in insightful actions and fostering intentionality.

However, Virgos can grapple with a tendency towards self-critique, often exacerbated by external influences. The September birthstone, with its tranquil energy, serves as a guide for Virgos to navigate their internal landscape, thus achieving equilibrium. “Sapphire helps us delve beneath the surface, offering insight that propels us towards hope and excitement, enabling us to embrace life’s mysteries,” elaborates Kadlec.

In a similar vein, sapphires resonate with Libra, known for their charm and diplomacy. The inherent concern for justice and fairness lends Libras the ability to harmonize with diverse perspectives. Nonetheless, this quality can sometimes lead to indecision or people-pleasing. Kadlec attests that sapphire encourages Libras to carve out moments of self-reflection, fostering authentic decision-making and alleviating burnout.

Holistic health practitioner Shanise Spruill, the chief wellness curator at Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones, underscores sapphire’s affinity for inner truth. As sapphire finds its alignment with the third-eye chakra, intuition, discernment, and wisdom converge. The gem’s energy cultivates harmony, decisiveness, and the unwavering embrace of one’s authenticity.

In the grand tapestry of symbolism, the essence of sapphire resonates as a moment of contemplation, allowing for the reception of insight, ultimately igniting hope and enthusiasm for the myriad opportunities life presents.

Harnessing Sapphire’s Energetic Power

Embarking on a journey of energetic alignment with sapphire can be as simple as meditation, often referred to as a “mineral map.” Kadlec suggests placing a sapphire on the sternum, third eye, or throat, or cradling it in one’s hands during meditation. As one delves within, thoughts and sensations flow, offering insight into challenges or moments of joy. This practice transforms sapphire into a conduit for introspection, enabling the reception of insights that propel personal growth.


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