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14th Annual Gold and Diamond Conference: Broadening Horizons in New York City

by Madonna

Following a lively welcome reception on the evening of July 15th, the upcoming conference is set to deliver two days of insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and forecasts for the future of the jewellery industry.

Theme and Focus

This year’s conference, themed “Expanding Horizons,” aims to foster innovation and collaboration across the gold, diamond, and jewellery sectors. Building on past successes, the event will address global challenges such as climate change, gender equality, and the socio-economic impacts on mining communities. Industry leaders, academics, and NGO representatives will participate in dynamic panel discussions and networking sessions designed to inspire new approaches and sustainable practices within the industry.


Key Sessions and Highlights

The conference will commence with opening remarks from Lisa Koenigsberg, President & Founder of IAC, highlighting the pivotal role of collaboration and innovation in shaping the jewellery industry’s future. The inaugural panel, moderated by Koenigsberg, will explore “Cross-Industry Convergence and Collaboration,” featuring insights from key figures including Gaetano Cavalieri (CIBJO), Satta Matturi (Matturi Fine Jewellery), and John Mulligan (World Gold Council).


Throughout the event, sessions will cover diverse topics such as responsible sourcing, the impact of cultural heritage, and strategies for enhancing value in producing countries. Emphasis will be placed on the ethical implications of mining practices and the industry’s role in advancing sustainable development.


Highlights of Day One

Day one will feature in-depth discussions on single-source gold sourcing, the current state of the diamond market, and an awards ceremony recognizing leaders in ethical sourcing and industry innovation. Notable panels will focus on material origin and ethical considerations in sourcing practices, moderated by industry experts like Rob Bates and Brecken Branstrator.

Day Two: Continuing the Dialogue

The second day will continue the discussion with a focus on climate action, cultural heritage, and responsible sourcing practices. Panel discussions will explore topics such as “Looking Beyond Net Zero – Climate Change Actions and the Just Transition” and “Cultural Heritage and Artistic Practice, Provenance and Repatriation,” offering crucial insights into industry efforts towards sustainability and ethical practices.

Engagement and Networking

The conference will also provide ample opportunities for networking and collaboration among participants, creating an environment where industry leaders can exchange knowledge and establish partnerships aimed at driving positive change.

IAC’s 14th Annual Gold and Diamond Conference stands as a pivotal event in the jewellery industry, providing a platform for dialogue, innovation, and collective action towards a sustainable and ethical future. As participants convene in New York City this July, the focus will be on expanding horizons, embracing diversity, and charting a responsible path forward for the global jewellery sector.


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