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What is Special About a Tanzanite Ring?

by Madonna

Tanzanite, with its captivating blue and violet hues, is a gemstone that has gained tremendous popularity in the jewelry world since its discovery in the late 1960s. Found exclusively in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, this gem’s allure is not just due to its beauty but also its rarity and unique properties. This article delves into what makes Tanzanite rings special, examining their geological origins, distinctive characteristics, and cultural significance.

Geological Origins: A Gem Born from the Earth’s Magic

Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral zoisite, and its formation is a geological marvel. It was created around 585 million years ago during intense heat and tectonic activity. The unique conditions in the Merelani Hills, involving specific geological processes and mineral compositions, gave birth to this extraordinary gemstone. The gem was first discovered by Masai tribesmen and introduced to the world by Tiffany & Co., which christened it “Tanzanite” after its country of origin.


Color: The Play of Blues and Violets

One of the most striking features of Tanzanite is its vibrant color, which can range from deep blue to rich violet. This color is the result of trace amounts of vanadium within the zoisite mineral structure. Tanzanite exhibits pleochroism, meaning it can show different colors when viewed from different angles. This trichroic nature means a single gemstone can exhibit blue, violet, and sometimes burgundy hues, depending on the lighting and angle of view.


Heat Treatment: Enhancing Nature’s Palette

Most Tanzanites on the market undergo heat treatment to enhance their color. This process involves heating the stone to around 500-600 degrees Celsius, which helps to deepen the blue and violet tones while reducing the presence of brownish hues. This treatment is stable and permanent, bringing out the gemstone’s most desirable colors without affecting its overall integrity.


Rarity: The Gemstone of a Generation

Tanzanite’s rarity is another aspect that adds to its allure. Found in a relatively small area of about 14 square kilometers in Tanzania, the supply of Tanzanite is finite. Experts predict that the mines could be depleted within a few decades, making Tanzanite a gemstone with a limited availability window. This rarity enhances the value and appeal of Tanzanite rings, making them not only beautiful but also a potentially valuable investment.

Hardness and Durability: Handling with Care

With a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale, Tanzanite is not as hard as diamonds or sapphires but is sufficiently durable for everyday wear with proper care. It’s important to protect Tanzanite rings from hard knocks and scratches, as the gemstone can be more prone to damage than harder stones. Proper setting techniques and protective designs can help mitigate these risks, making Tanzanite rings both beautiful and wearable.

Symbolism and Meaning: A Stone of Transformation

Tanzanite is often associated with transformation and spiritual growth. Its discovery and rise to prominence are symbolic of new beginnings and significant change. Many believe that Tanzanite carries metaphysical properties, including the ability to stimulate the throat and third-eye chakras, enhancing communication and psychic abilities. Whether or not one believes in these metaphysical properties, there is no denying the powerful allure and emotional resonance that Tanzanite holds.

Design Versatility: From Classic to Contemporary

Tanzanite’s unique color and rarity lend themselves to a wide range of jewelry designs. From classic solitaire rings to intricate vintage-inspired settings, Tanzanite can be the centerpiece of various styles. Its vibrant color pairs beautifully with different metals, including white gold, yellow gold, and platinum, allowing for creative and personalized designs.

Complementing Other Gemstones

Tanzanite also pairs well with other gemstones, creating stunning contrasts and harmonious designs. Diamonds are often used to accentuate Tanzanite’s rich colors, adding sparkle and brilliance. The combination of Tanzanite with other colored gemstones, such as sapphires or emeralds, can create unique and visually striking pieces.

Investment Potential: A Gemstone with Future Promise

Given its limited supply and increasing demand, Tanzanite is considered a gemstone with significant investment potential. Collectors and investors alike are drawn to its unique qualities and the possibility of appreciating value. High-quality Tanzanite, particularly stones with deep blue and violet hues and excellent clarity, are especially sought after in the market.

Choosing the Perfect Tanzanite Ring

When selecting a Tanzanite ring, several factors should be considered to ensure you choose a high-quality gemstone that meets your needs and preferences.

Color and Clarity

The most prized Tanzanites exhibit a deep, saturated blue or violet color. Clarity is also crucial; stones with minimal inclusions and high transparency are more valuable. When shopping for Tanzanite, look for stones that display vibrant colors and good clarity.

Cut and Carat Weight

The cut of a Tanzanite can significantly impact its appearance and value. A well-cut Tanzanite will enhance the stone’s natural pleochroism, showcasing its range of colors. Carat weight is another consideration; larger stones are rarer and therefore more valuable, but even smaller Tanzanites can be incredibly beautiful and impactful in the right setting.

Setting and Metal Choice

The choice of setting and metal can influence the overall aesthetic and durability of the ring. Tanzanite looks stunning in both traditional and modern settings, and the metal choice can complement its color. White metals like platinum and white gold can enhance the blue tones, while yellow gold can create a warm, contrasting look.

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Caring for Your Tanzanite Ring

Proper care is essential to maintaining the beauty and integrity of your Tanzanite ring. Here are some tips to ensure your ring remains in pristine condition:

Regular Cleaning

Clean your Tanzanite ring regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap solution. Avoid harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners, which can damage the stone.

Safe Storage

Store your Tanzanite ring separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches. Using a soft pouch or a lined jewelry box can help protect the stone.

Protect from Physical Damage

Be mindful of activities that could expose your ring to hard impacts or abrasion. Remove your Tanzanite ring during tasks such as gardening, sports, or heavy lifting.


A Tanzanite ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a symbol of rarity, beauty, and transformation. With its captivating colors, geological uniqueness, and limited supply, Tanzanite offers a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and potential value. Whether chosen for its striking beauty, its metaphysical properties, or its investment potential, a Tanzanite ring is a timeless treasure that holds a special place in the world of gemstones. By understanding its unique qualities and caring for it properly, you can enjoy the splendor of Tanzanite for generations to come.


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