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AGTA Announces Ban on Lab-Created Gemstones at Trade Shows

by Madonna

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has made a decisive move to eliminate lab-grown gemstones from its trade shows, effective from the upcoming year.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the organization declared that beginning with the AGTA GemFair Tucson 2025, exhibitors will no longer be permitted to showcase loose lab-grown stones or any jewelry containing them.


Explaining the rationale behind this decision, the statement highlighted the disruptive impact of lab-grown diamonds in the market and emphasized the need to prevent potential confusion among buyers. While AGTA dealers retain the option to sell synthetic gems, full disclosure is required. This measure aims to provide clarity and assurance to buyers, ensuring that only natural gems are available for purchase at AGTA GemFairs.


Based in Dallas, Texas, AGTA is recognized as the leading authority on natural colored gemstones. Its trade shows are pivotal events within the colored-gemstone industry, drawing over 8,000 buyers and hosting 300 exhibitors annually at the Tucson fair held every February. Another significant AGTA show coincides with the JCK Las Vegas event in late May and early June.


Kimberly Collins, president of the AGTA board of directors and owner of Kimberly Collins Colored Gems, emphasized the organization’s commitment to transparency. She stated, “AGTA aims to provide unequivocal assurance to buyers that they are exclusively purchasing natural gems sourced from the earth at AGTA shows. Our dealers take pride in offering superior gems that are rare, exquisite, and naturally formed.”

Furthermore, the statement underscored the inherent value and unique color properties of natural gemstones, emphasizing their superiority over synthetic alternatives.


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